I first bumped into Angela Allen MBE in Marks and Spencers and was overwhelmed by her beauty. Then I learnt about her life and illustrious career as a script supervisor and was in awe. Since the 1940s she has worked on classic films ranging from The Third Man, African Queen, The Misfits and Hamlet with the best actors of the ages.









She is a strong, independent woman who has prospered in a male dominated industry from a very young age, and fought for the rights of women within that world.

In 1996 she was awarded an MBE by the Queen and in 2005 received a BAFTA for Outstanding British Contribution to cinema. I wanted to convey some of the aspects of her job, using the film noir style of some of the films she worked on.

“The point of the job is to be a help to the director and see that the film can be edited as smoothly as possible in as many versions, if shots match, that is possible. The job is to be the liaison between director and editor and generally helpful to all departments who ask you questions, whether it’s props, costume, make-up, camera, sound.”